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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Global Grooves Playlist and Download for 11/24/12

Download about 45 minutes of today's show here:


Empresarios “Rompan Fila (Instrumental)” from VOLUME (Fort Knox Recordings 2012)

Riam Daranoi “Chan Ru Than "I know What Your'e Up To"” from single (LK 145) —Thailand grooves

Khánh Ly & Trịnh Công Sơn “Tinh Xa” from Sơn Ca 7 (unknown) —1974 Vietnamese double LP
Suang Santi “mao chon nuek mai ok” from 1 2 3 duan song thaeo (unknown) —Thai psych-pop from the 1970's "luk thung funk rock star suang santi! hailing from sukhothai, suang made his living as a boxer before joining with phiphat boribun & his band. after marrying bandmate namphueng boribun, he struck off on his own, first singing with siphrai chaiphra and finally mongkhon amatayakun's famous chularat band. suang pioneered a crossover style of luk thung and heavy funk rock which few others attempted, and won success not only with his own recordings but songs he penned for others, everyone from phanom nopphon to the royal sprites. sadly, suang was killed in a car accident in 1982 while on tour... this tape captures some of his last work, featuring a mix of straight funk tracks & few of his older hits redone in "talking music" style."

The Mokum Beat Five “Trouw Nooit (Never Marry)” from Biet-Het (Vol 1) (Delta) —1966 Psychedelic surf pop from Belgium

Los Yetis “Revolucionando” from Los Yetis: Historia Musical - 40 Éxitos (Discos Fuentes 2008) —Columbian psychedelia
" Compilation of the wildest moments of the best sixties garage-pop band from Colombia. 21 Nadaist (revolutionary pre-punk movement) tracks about war, revolution and girls. Both formats include previously unseen band photos and extensive notes. In 1966, a certain go-go fever takes over Medellín. The name of the virus: LOS YETIS. The city, one of the most conservative in Colombia, started to feel the shakes in its foundations as thousands of teenagers danced to the new sound, willing to distance themselves from the tango and bolero favoured by their parents. To achieve this, what better than the go-go spirit embodied by a fury and abominable snowman? Their true entrance to the music industry comes in February 1966 through the record label Discos Fuentes, with the support of a promotion strategy unheard-of in Colombia until then. They would become the new idols of thousands of teenagers infected by the go-go craze that The Beatles had originated a few years earlier. Los Yetis combined covers of international hits with their own songs, which, even if a little tame, had a wild spirit and lyrics with attitude set to beat, surf and garage rhythms."-Liner notes.

Los York's “Solo Estoy” from 68 (Munster 2007) —Peru 1968

Mari Boine “Sáráhka viina (Sáráhka's Wine)” from Eight Seasons (Gavcci jahkejudgu) CD ALBUM (Universal Music AS 2001) —Mellow grooves from Norwegian Saami singer

Sevara “Yol Bolsin” (Real World Records 2003) —Uzbekistan songstress


Yungchen Lhamo “Defiance” from COMING HOME (Virgin UK 1998) —Tibet

Usha Khanna “Tera Jasia Pyara Koi Nahin” from Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga! (World Psychedelic Funk Classics 2010) —This week's Bollywood Matinee

Various Artists “Shalimar” from bollywood funk (?)

Ama Maiga “Djougou Sago” from UNE Fleche Malienne (unknown) —Mali circa 1977

Girma Beyene “Ene Negn Bay Manaesh” from Ethiopiques Volume 8: Swinging Addis (Buda Musique) —Ethiopia

Heywete “Tesfa-Maryam Kidane” from Ethiopiques Vol. 10: Tezeta (Buda Musique) —Traditional Ethiopian piece about nostalgia and longing.



Download about 45 minutes of today's show here:

Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System “Juju Marathon System Jam 1” (unknown) —Juju is Nigerian popular music based on Yoruban pecussion with electric guitars added in the 1960's
" A heavy juju set from Chief Brigadier Oluoni – working here in a version of the style that's much grittier one "Juju Marathon System Jam" that spans the course of both sides – a very offbeat version of the juju groove that often has a spacey sound in the echo, and lots of weirdly-tuned guitar parts that give the recording a very dark edge – even in some of the brighter moments! Vocals have lots of odd echo too, and when they drop out, the guitar parts get even weirder"

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