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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playlist for 6/23/12

Global Grooves (Music) with DJ Brian Boru 06/23/2012 11:00AM to 02:00PM
11:01AM Bibi Tanga & The Selenites “Kangoya” from 40º of Sunshine (2012) on Nat Geo Music — Brand new song from the native of the Central African Republic
11:04AM Staff Benda Bilili “Osali Mabe” from Osali Mabe - Single (World, 2012) on Crammed Discs — Brand new Congolese groove
11:09AM Baris Manco “Cokertme” from Turkish Freakout (Rock, 2010) on Bouzouki Joe Records — Turkish Psychedelia
11:12AM Kontlar “Arpa Bugday Taneler” from Surf Rock ala Turca (World, 2007) on Kargah-e Musighi Records
11:14AM Kerem Güney “Aldırma Gönül” from Aldırma Gönül Bestekarından (World, 2010) on ÖZMÜZİK PLAKÇILIK — Turkish Freakout 2
11:19AM Mehrpouya “Soul Raga” from Pomegranates (2010) on B-MUSIC — Persian trippy music
11:23AM Baris Manco & Mogollar “Binboganin Kizi” from Istanbul 70: Psych, Disco, Folk Classics (CD, Comp, World, 2012) on Nublu Records (UK) — More Turkish Psychedelic music

11:29AM Mogollar “Cigrik” from Diggers' Delight: 10 International Psychedelic Freakouts, 1970-1975 (Rock, 2008) on Selector Series
11:32AM 3 Hürel “Canim Kurban” from Kent Ozanlari 1 (World, 1998) on Ada Yayincilik
11:35AM Dungen “Ta Det Lugnt” from Ta Det Lugnt (2004) on Subliminal Sounds — Danish Psychedelic
11:45AM Amadou Ballaké & Orchestre Super Volta “Bar Konou Mousso” from Bambara Mystic Soul (The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979) (World, 2011) on Analog Africa

11:50AM William Onyeabor “Body and Soul” from Kon & Amir Present Off Track, Vol. 2: Queens (2008) on BBE Music — Nigerian Grooves
12:02PM Atomic Bomb Zigoto “Menyecske” from Booniay!! on Crammed Discs — West African funk
12:09PM Mensy “Ane Ya” from New Sounds of Africa (AUDIO) on unknown (USA)
12:15PM The Real Sounds “Chamunorwa” from Harare on Zimbabwe ZML — A major force in the Zimbabwe music scene of the 1980s, the Real Sounds of Africa were in fact founded by a group of Congolese musicians in Zambia in 1975.
12:22PM Pacific Express “The Way it Used to Be” from Anthology Part 1 (Jazz, 1999) on Mountain Records — South Africa grooves
12:28PM Dark City Sisters “Vukani” from Cafe Africa (World, 2010) on Not Now Music
12:32PM Eddie Siagbo & El Rego “Nounangnon” from SDE 003 on unknown (USA)

12:37PM Sonny Okosuns “My Cherie Koko” from 51 Lex Presents: Olu Ebube (2006) on 51 Lex (IM) Records Ltd
12:45PM Xalam “Goree” from Gorée (World, 1984) on Celluloid
12:52PM Mulatu Astatke “Mulatu” from Mulatu of Ethiopia (Jazz, 1972) on SFR
12:59PM Mulatu Astatke “Mètché Dershé (When Am I Going to Reach There?)” from Éthiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale (1969-1974) (World, 2004) on Buda Musique (USA) — Ethiopian Jazz legend
01:03PM Tewelde Redda “Memona” from Ethiopiques Vol. 5 - Tigrigna Music on Buda Musique (USA)

01:07PM Mellesse Bonger & Tchista Band “Lebe Antchin Alena , Air Gourague” from Ethiopiques Vol. 2: Tètchawèt! - Urban Azmaris of the 90s on Buda Musique (USA)
01:17PM Gétatchèw Mèkurya “Yegenet Muziqa” from Éthiopiques 14: Negus Of Ethiopian Sax on Buda Musique (USA)
01:22PM Ethiopiques “Heywèté - Instrumental” from Ethiopiques Vol.01 - Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music '69-'75 (Afro-Jazz) on Buda Musique (USA)
01:24PM Issa Bagayogo “Sebero” from Mali Koura (CD, Album, World, 2008) on Six Degrees Travel Series
01:31PM Abdulla Majnun & Wu Man “Shadiana (Celebration)” from Music of Central Asia Vol. 10: Borderlands: Wu Man and Master Musicians of the Silk Route (World, 2012) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
01:35PM Sanubar Tursun, Hesenjan Tursun & Wu Man “Kurt Naxshisi (Song of the Kurds)” from Music of Central Asia Vol. 10: Borderlands: Wu Man and Master Musicians of the Silk Route (World, 2012) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
01:40PM Yat Kha “Coming Buddha” from Tuva.Rock (World, 2003) on Verlag "pläne" GmbH
01:45PM Kongar-ol Ondar “Kargyraa Rap” from Back Tuva Future (World) on Ellipsis Arts (USA)

01:48PM Huun-Huur-Tu “Taraan-Taraam” from If I'd Been Born an Eagle (Reggae, 2005) on Shanachie Entertainment (USA)
01:51PM Yat-Kha “Dyngyldai [Transglobal Underground Remix]” from Dyngyldai [Transglobal Underground Remix] (Single, AUDIO) on unknown (USA)
01:57PM The Guo Brothers “Training Horses On The Mongolian Grassland” from Yuan (World, 1990) on Real World Records (unknown)

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