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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playlist for St. Patricks Day Global Grooves

Global Grooves (Music) with DJ Brian 03/17/2012 11:00AM to 02:00PM
11:00AM The Chieftains “Brian Boru March” from The Chieftains Collection Volume Two (The Very Best Of The Claddagh Years (Collection)) (World, 2000) on Claddagh Records Limited — One of the oldest traditional Irish songs still known. Happy St. Patricks day!
11:05AM The Chieftains “Chieftains Reunion” from Voice Of Ages (CD, Album, 2012) on Hear/Concord — Brand new release from The Chieftains, bringing together every surviving member of the band.
11:16AM Hevia “Llaciana” from Tierra De Nadie (CD, Album, World, 1999) on EMI Spain — Celtic music from Gallacia in Spain.
11:20AM Battlefield Band “Chuir I Gluin Air a Bhodach (She Put a Knee In the Old Man) / DJ MacLeod's / the Ness Pipers / the Earl of Space” from TIME AND TIDE (2002) on Temple Records
11:26AM Fernhill “Fi Wela” from Whilia (2000) on Beautiful Jo Records — Celtic music from Wales.
11:30AM Skolvan “Bal Pinn Du Vertige” from Chenchet'n eus an amzer (World, 2011) on Keltia Musique — Brittany, Celtic enclave in France.
11:32AM Fiamma Fumana “1.0” from 1.0 (MP3, Album, World, 2001, added 01/06/2011) on Omnium — Italian grooves with a Celtic vibe.
11:37AM GORAN BREGOVIĆ “Le Lys Vert” from Irish Songs on Kapa — Bosnia
11:45AM Baltic Crossing “Firetour” from Firetour (2010, added 12/26/2011) on GO' Danish Folk Music — Denmark
11:47AM Annbjorg Lien “Fonix” from Wizard Women of the North (CD, Comp, Private, 1999) on Northside — Norway
11:51AM Hedningarna “Täss'on Nainen” from TRÄ (World, 1994) on Silence Records — Sweden
11:56AM Gjallarhorn “Goddess of Spring” from Sjorn (CD, Album, Private, 2000, added 11/29/2011) on Northside — Finland
12:03PM Wimme “Gierran” from Icedance (The Sound of the Arctic) (1998) on Music Worx - Banshee Worx, Belgium — Finland
12:07PM Mari Boine, Inna Zhelannaya & Sergey Starostin “Das aiggun cuozzut” from Winter In Moscow (World, 2001) on Jaro Records — Norway/Russia
12:15PM Bichevskaya Zhanna “Dikoye Pole” from My - Russkie (2001) on Familia Entertainment — Russia
12:19PM Folkloras Draugu Kopa Skandinieki “Braliti Celiesi (Mid Summer Pagan Celebration)” from Latvian Funeral Songs (World, 2004) on Riga Recordings — Latvia
12:23PM Laurence Revey “Préièré” from Soundtrip Switzerland (World, 2008) on Reise Know-How Sound — Switzerland
12:27PM Deishovida “Coup de Couer” from Rough Guide to the Music of the Alps on World Music Network — Austria
12:33PM Lais “ISABELLE” from Lais (1998) on Wild Boar Music — Belgium
12:38PM Reith “Wildkatze” from The In Kraut Vol. 2 on unknown — Germany
12:42PM Coralie Clement “Samba de mon couer qui bat” from Paris on Putumayo (USA)
12:46PM Kepa Junkera “Bok-Espok” from Bilbao 00:00h [Disc 1] on Resistancia — Spain-Basque Country
12:50PM Gipsy Kings “Aven Aven” from ROOTS (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Nonesuch — France
12:57PM Mariza “Mais Uma Lua (Fado Varela)” from Fado Tradicional (2010) on EMI Portugal — Portugal
01:00PM Tenores De Oniferi “Su Determinu” from Antologia della musica sarda (2011) on Blu Studio — Sardinia
01:05PM Evstratios Kalogeridou “Malevitziotikos Horos” from Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 2: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48 (World, 2006) on Yazoo Records — Crete
01:08PM Kristi Stassinopoulou “Tin Kardia M' Tin Klidomeni” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Greece on World Music Network — Greece
01:11PM Amsterdam Klezmer Band “Sadagora Hot Dub (Shantel Remix)” from gypsy groove (CD, Comp, World, 2007) on Putumayo (USA) — Netherlands
01:16PM Kocani Orkestar “Ciganka” from L' Orient Est Rouge (World, 1993) on Crammed Discs — Macedonia
01:22PM Boban Marković Orkestar “Mundo Cocek” from Boban I Marko (World, 2003) on Piranha — Serbia
01:26PM Yuri Yanakov “Belmont” from The Rough Guide to Music of the Balkans on World Music Network — Bulgaria
01:33PM Vangelis Vasiliouf “Pranvera” from Rough Guide to Music of the Balkan Gypsies on World Music Network — Albania
01:37PM Bratko Bibic “Sackamra” from Inventaire - Best of LabelUsines (World, 1999) on LabelUsines — Slovenia
01:43PM Ensemble Ferenc Sebo “Hungarian Verbunk” from La Hongrie : Musiques à danser (World, 1997) on Arion — Hungary
01:45PM Goran Bregovic & Kayah “To Nie Ptak” from Kayah & Bregovic (1999) on RCA Victor — Poland/Yugoslavia
01:50PM GORAN KARAN “Da Me Poljubis” from Dite Ljubavi (World, 2008) on Menart — Croatia
01:54PM “Jednou” from Romano Hip Hop (2006) on Indies Scope Records — Czech Republic
01:57PM The Sugarcubes “Coldsweat” from Life's Too Good (CD, Album, 1988) on Elektra (USA) — Iceland

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