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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Playlist of March.

Here is the playlist from 3/31/12. I will be posting the show later for download.

11:00AM Tarika “Koba” from Bibiango (World, 1994) on Green Linnet
11:05AM Oliver Mtukudzi “Neria” from Ndega Zvangu (World, 2001) on Sheer Sound
11:10AM Judy Trejo “Doaza tumbi” from Circle Dance Songs of the Paiute and Shoshone (World, 1997) on canyon records
11:13AM Omar Souleyman “Mandal” from Jazeera Nights: Folk and Pop Sounds from Syria on Sublime Frequencies
11:23AM Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “DAM MAST QALANDAR” from The Rough Guide To Sufi Music on Rough Guide
11:34AM K. Frimpong & Vis a Vis “Aboagyewaa” from Ghana Soundz, Vol. 2 - Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion In 70's Ghana (World, 2004) on Manufacturer
11:46AM Salif Keita “Mandjou” from The Mansa of Mali...a Retrospective (1994) on Mango
11:59AM Toumani Diabaté “Si Naani” from The Mandé Variations (CD, Album, World, 2008) on Nonesuch
12:10PM Konono N°1 “Mama Liza” from Congotronics (2004) on Crammed Discs
12:21PM Fela Kuti “Perambulator” from The Two Sides of Fela (World, 2009) on La Cile
12:36PM Jali Musa Jawara “Haidara” from Soubindoor (World, 1988) on World Circuit
12:47PM Mellesse Bonger & Tchista Band “Lebe Antchin Alena , Air Gourague” from Ethiopiques Vol. 2: Tètchawèt! - Urban Azmaris of the 90s on Buda Musique (USA)
12:58PM H. O. Kabaselleh “Achi Maria” from Guitar Paradise of east africa on unknown (USA)
01:07PM Sister Riskat Lawal “E Gboro Oluwa” from Asalamu Alaekumu on Leader Records (Nigeria)
01:24PM Suns of Arqa “Steppin' to the Music” from Arqaology (World, 2005) on Arka Sound
01:41PM Flower Travellin' Band “Satori, Pt. 3” from Satori (Rock, 1998) on WM Japan
01:52PM Mthunzini Girls “Woza Jive Sosolo” from Good Luck Motella on unknown (USA)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Global Grooves live tomorrow

You can catch Global Grooves live tomorrow from 11am-2pm Mountain Time. Live in Boise on 89.9 FM and worldwide on

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Janka Nabay at the Treefort Music Festival

Janka Nabay performed at Neurolux on the first night of the Treefort Music Festival.

"Janka Nabay is the undisputed king of bubu music, a frantically-paced electronic dance music with ancient, magical origins in Sierra Leone (known as Salone by locals). Before Janka, Sierra Leoneans thought of bubu music as a relic of the past, something best left in the hills with the folk singers and witches. But in the mid 90s, during the Sierra Leonean civil war, Janka resuscitated and modernized bubu. Salone quickly fellunder its spell.
Janka was the first musician to electrify bubu music, adding synths and drum machines to the airy hum of blown bamboo shoots and carburetor pipes. Janka’s bubu connects the dots between low-fi African techno and bubu’s ancient processional origins." Read more here:

And here is a great video by Janka Nabay:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Video by Konono No. 1

Another great video. Enjoy!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Amazing performance by the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another essay I wrote on the future of Community Radio

Community Radio: A Thing of the Past?

       “There goes the last DJ, who plays what he wants to play and says what he wants to say. There goes your freedom of choice. There goes the last human voice. There goes the last DJ.” (Tom Petty, The Last DJ).

       Community Radio has been an all consuming passion of mine for a long time now. It’s what I think about in the morning when I wake up and what I think about when I go to sleep. It is the reason I went back to college to major in communication. It is also the reason I have tried to turn volunteering at the station into a full time career. In fact, as I am writing this I am at the Radio Boise, having just finished my weekly show. I have often asked myself why I am so passionate about community radio and have also wondered if radio even has a future, considering the challenges faced by radio. We live in a world where access to music and information is almost instantaneous and people have been predicting that radio would go the way of the horse and buggy since TV became the newest technology in the 1940’s. Even just a few years ago, the advent of satellite radio was supposed to be a precursor to the death of radio. After almost a year on air, I know we are making a difference in the community but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. And more importantly, is radio going to survive the glut of on demand music that is available. I needed to see if I could find the answer.
     I admit it. I am a nerd. When I need to find out the answer to something I’ll do a little research. I went straight to academic articles. First, I looked up the definition of community radio since I’m very analytical and like to start things from the beginning. Right away, I found several definitions.

     One article by Reed and Hanson stated that,” In recent years, community radio has become a

 viable alternative to both commercial and public radio, which produce nationally oriented programming designed to attract mass audiences. Community radio offers an alternative to the growing dominance of radio by corporate-owned conglomerates such as Clear Channel and Viacom” (214).
      Elliot also noted that the purpose of community radio is to respond to the needs of the community (8). Community Radio is much more than just radio and can act as a means for community organizing and activism (Coyer, 1). “Community Radio is 90% community and 10% radio” (Coyer, 1). Yes, Radio Boise does all of those things. So, I had defined what community radio means academically. To me it means to being part of something larger than myself and providing the community with content that is available nowhere else in the Treasure Valley. For example, my show is the only world music show on FM radio in Boise, locally produced or otherwise. Community radio is run by and for the local community, with a wide variety of content, ranging from indie rock to jazz to world music. Community radio also gives an outlet to local musicians who are virtually ignored on commercial stations, which greatly enhances a community’s local music scene. Being part of the process of building a community radio station from the ground up has helped me realize just how important community radio is to our community. Prior to April 11th, 2011, Boise was the largest metropolitan area in the country without a terrestrial community radio station.

     Of course, this is all well and good but is radio going to even be a viable medium for entertainment in a few years? This was the question that I really needed to answer since it would ultimately be pointless to learn the ends and outs of a media that no one will be using in the near future. What got me thinking about this question was a lecture I attended at Radio Boise, given by a man named Petri Dish, the founder of the Prometheus Radio Project, which is an organization devoted to helping small, low power FM radio stations to get on air. (Obviously, Petri Dish is his clever radio moniker.) The lecture, held in late October, was called “The State of Independent Radio”. Petri Dish said in the lecture that within fifteen years highly commercialized radio would not be a financially viable medium and that to survive, stations will likely turn to their communities for support. This got me wondering whether radio as a whole could survive such a radical shift in thinking.
     I thought about how often people listen to radio and my first thought was of the people commuting to work in their cars as the most common place people would hear radio. Then I thought about the other ways listen to music: I-pods, mp3 players, satellite radio, online streams, CD’s and laptop computers. There is definitely no shortage of ways for people to listen to music. I know that before I became involved in community radio, I rarely listened to radio even in my car. One look at the current state of commercial radio illustrates why. Frankly, commercial radio sucks and most anyone you ask would agree. There is too much advertising and when there is music it seems like you hear the same ten songs over and over. The programming is generally uninteresting, with DJ’s who are simply personalities that engage in annoying, pointless banter. In many cases, commercial radio stations simply broadcast a pre-recorded feed on radio stations in multiple cities, removing any sense of localism from the broadcast (Reed & Hanson, 215).
     By creating automated stations, a program produced in Chicago can be heard in dozens of cities nationwide and by inserting pre-recorded station call letters, make it sound local. This is a problem for anyone who enjoys the sense of local connection that one gets from hearing a local DJ whenever they turn on the radio. According to a recent article in Spin magazine, Clear Channel, which owns over 1,200 radio stations worldwide (, laid off nearly two hundred local DJ's across the country, allowing the stations to cut costs and broadcast the same programming in multiple markets ( Cumulus Media followed suit, firing at least 27 people from two Los Angeles radio stations that it had recently acquired. Among those who became jobless was Jim Ladd, from Classic Rock, KLOS, who was known as the last commercial Free-form DJ in the country as well as the man that inspired the Tom Petty song, "The Last DJ" (Hogan). This clearly shows that corporate media owners are more interested in profit than promoting a sense of localism and connection to the community.

     "We're not in the business of providing news and information. We're not in the business of providing well-researched music. We're simply in the business of selling our customers' products," said Lowry Mays, former CEO of Clear Channel Communications (“Freepress” 2).
     No wonder people dislike commercial radio so much. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. An article by Luscombe provided some hope by pointing out the despite new technology, in the United States, radio still reaches up to 93% of the population over 12 years old (112). In fact, the new technology is actually enhancing radio listenership in some cases through webcasts and social media (Luscombe, 112). Most community radio stations embrace online versions of their terrestrial broadcast because this increases the potential listenership as well as giving locals who are out of town the opportunity to listen to their local station no matter where they are.
     “Radio’s strength is that it has endured both despite and because of competition from new media and the availability of new technology” (Luscombe, 120).
     One of the things that set community radio apart from commercial radio is that it is entirely geared toward the local community that it serves. What I mean by this is that a community radio station in Boise, Idaho will sound nothing like the community radio station in Allegheny, West Virginia (Reed & Hanson, 220). If I were to travel to West Virginia and tune into one of their community radio stations, I would not hear music or public affairs programming that is the same as here in Boise. Conversely, if I were to tune into a corporate owned “classic rock” station, I would likely hear a station that sounded virtually the same. Reed & Hanson noted that the key difference between Public Radio and Community Radio is that public radio, in the wake of cuts of government grants, has been forced to sacrifice a lot of locally produced programming in favor Nationally syndicated NPR programs, such as Talk of the Nation and Morning Edition (218). Also, public radio is becoming more dependent on corporate sponsorship, with underwriting spots that are sounding more and more like commercials (Reed & Hanson, 218)
     “The growth of community radio in the last ten years can be seen as a response to the growing concentration of broadcast ownership by major media corporations” (Reed & Hanson, 217).
     One problem that threatens both commercial and non-commercial radio is the passage, in 2009, of the Performance Rights Act (McIntyre, 135). The PRA put regulations in place that forced stations, for the first time in broadcast history, to pay royalties for air play on terrestrial radio stations (McIntyre, 135). McIntyre also pointed out that the annual fees that stations would have to pay would be a considerable portion of the budgets of many smaller non-commercial and college stations, forcing them to go off air (136). Both commercial and non-commercial radio stations have joined forces to lobby heavily to overturn this bill (McIntyre, 136).
     I think there will always a place for radio in our society. It's one of the last free ways to get entertainment. I also think community radio will become more prominent in the future as people get tired of the cookie cutter format of commercial radio and become more involved in radio geared for the community. I also think internet radio is also going to rise and give individuals the opportunity to run their own radio stations. Community radio is a great way to become part of the solution when it comes to bringing media back to the people. That is the beauty of it; anyone can become involved and everyone has a say in what is being broadcast on the station.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Playlist for Global Grooves 3/24/12

Global Grooves (Music) with DJ Brian 03/24/2012 11:00AM to 02:00PM
11:35AM Tinariwen “Tahult In” from Imidiwan: Companions (CD, Album, World, 2009) on Independiente
11:39AM Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars “Mother in Law” from Radio Salone on unknown (USA)
11:44AM The Toure-Raichel Collective “Bamba” from The Tel Aviv Session on unknown (USA)
11:50AM Sen Dzirdeju “Sen Dzirdeju” from Auli on unknown (USA)
11:53AM Del Castillo “Mi Cariño (2012 Version)” from Infinitas Rapsodias (2012) on The Music Agents
11:58AM SoSala “Ny's Sa-Si-Se-So” from New World Trash on unknown (USA)
12:01PM Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra “Dolana Dolana” from Mustafa Ozkent (2006) on Finders Keepers Records (Twisted Nerve Recordings)
12:06PM 3 Hürel “Dolas Da Gel” from Efsane... Yeniden (Rock, 1996) on Ada Yayincilik
12:10PM Mogallar “Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle” from Love, Peace and Poetry-Asian Psychedelic Music on unknown (USA)
12:13PM Bappi Lahiri “Aafat” from Bollywood Bloodbath (2011) on Finders Keepers Records
12:17PM Bappi Lahiri “Disco Title Music From Dahshat” from Bollywood Bloodbath (2011) on Finders Keepers Records
12:20PM Laximikant Pyarelal “Theme Music” from Bollywood Bloodbath (2011) on Finders Keepers Records
12:23PM Janka Nabay “Ah Mufan” from Ah Mufan (CD, EP, Private, 2010) on Sound Travels
12:46PM West Nkosi “Benoni Station” from Sixteen Original Sax Jive Hits (Jazz, 1991) on WM Gallo
12:49PM Sir Victor Uwaifo “Ekassa 34” from Sir Victor Uwaifo EP 2 (World, 2010) on 51 Lex Records Ltd.
12:59PM Janet Osei “Tete Na Atele” from Lovers Songs on unknown (USA)
01:05PM Tamwo Isidore “Tchouanou” from African Hits 3 on unknown (USA)
01:10PM Chaino & His African Percussions “Jungle Drum Variations” from Night of the Spectre - Voodoo Drumming on unknown (USA)
01:17PM Mickey Hart “Udu Chant (Album Version) (Album Version)” from Planet Drum (World, 1991) on Shout! Factory
01:21PM Yat-Kha “Doshpuluurum” from The Ways of Nomad - The Best of Yat-Kha (World, 2011) on Sketis Music
01:27PM Nuru Kane “Talibe” from Rough Guide: The Best Music You've Never Heard (World, 2011) on World Music Network
01:32PM Rob “Forgive Us All” from Funky Rob Way (World, 2011) on Analog Africa
01:40PM Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou “Mede ma gnin messe” from Échos hypnotiques, vol. 2 - From the Vaults of Albarika Store (1969-1979) (World, 2009) on Analog Africa

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video from Radio Tarifa

The lead singer of Radio Tarifa, Benjamin Escoriza, passed away this week. Here is a great live video from the band.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


World Music Headlines

New release this week:Del Castillo  Infinitas Rapsodias (Smilin’ Castle Records) Austin-based Tejano band with a smoking new release. Will be part of next week's Global Hit of the Week on Global Grooves.

Benjamin Escoriza, lead singer of the Flamenco band Radio Tarifa passed away March 9th in Madrid. He was 58. Radio Tarifa was a groundbreaking world music band that mixed traditional Flamenco with Arabic and North African influences.

Two new releases available at :
The Rough Guide to Celtic Women
The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Africa (I'm especially excited about this one!) You can get a free track off of this release here:

The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Africa                                         Includes bonus CD by Victor Uwaifo

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playlist for St. Patricks Day Global Grooves

Global Grooves (Music) with DJ Brian 03/17/2012 11:00AM to 02:00PM
11:00AM The Chieftains “Brian Boru March” from The Chieftains Collection Volume Two (The Very Best Of The Claddagh Years (Collection)) (World, 2000) on Claddagh Records Limited — One of the oldest traditional Irish songs still known. Happy St. Patricks day!
11:05AM The Chieftains “Chieftains Reunion” from Voice Of Ages (CD, Album, 2012) on Hear/Concord — Brand new release from The Chieftains, bringing together every surviving member of the band.
11:16AM Hevia “Llaciana” from Tierra De Nadie (CD, Album, World, 1999) on EMI Spain — Celtic music from Gallacia in Spain.
11:20AM Battlefield Band “Chuir I Gluin Air a Bhodach (She Put a Knee In the Old Man) / DJ MacLeod's / the Ness Pipers / the Earl of Space” from TIME AND TIDE (2002) on Temple Records
11:26AM Fernhill “Fi Wela” from Whilia (2000) on Beautiful Jo Records — Celtic music from Wales.
11:30AM Skolvan “Bal Pinn Du Vertige” from Chenchet'n eus an amzer (World, 2011) on Keltia Musique — Brittany, Celtic enclave in France.
11:32AM Fiamma Fumana “1.0” from 1.0 (MP3, Album, World, 2001, added 01/06/2011) on Omnium — Italian grooves with a Celtic vibe.
11:37AM GORAN BREGOVIĆ “Le Lys Vert” from Irish Songs on Kapa — Bosnia
11:45AM Baltic Crossing “Firetour” from Firetour (2010, added 12/26/2011) on GO' Danish Folk Music — Denmark
11:47AM Annbjorg Lien “Fonix” from Wizard Women of the North (CD, Comp, Private, 1999) on Northside — Norway
11:51AM Hedningarna “Täss'on Nainen” from TRÄ (World, 1994) on Silence Records — Sweden
11:56AM Gjallarhorn “Goddess of Spring” from Sjorn (CD, Album, Private, 2000, added 11/29/2011) on Northside — Finland
12:03PM Wimme “Gierran” from Icedance (The Sound of the Arctic) (1998) on Music Worx - Banshee Worx, Belgium — Finland
12:07PM Mari Boine, Inna Zhelannaya & Sergey Starostin “Das aiggun cuozzut” from Winter In Moscow (World, 2001) on Jaro Records — Norway/Russia
12:15PM Bichevskaya Zhanna “Dikoye Pole” from My - Russkie (2001) on Familia Entertainment — Russia
12:19PM Folkloras Draugu Kopa Skandinieki “Braliti Celiesi (Mid Summer Pagan Celebration)” from Latvian Funeral Songs (World, 2004) on Riga Recordings — Latvia
12:23PM Laurence Revey “Préièré” from Soundtrip Switzerland (World, 2008) on Reise Know-How Sound — Switzerland
12:27PM Deishovida “Coup de Couer” from Rough Guide to the Music of the Alps on World Music Network — Austria
12:33PM Lais “ISABELLE” from Lais (1998) on Wild Boar Music — Belgium
12:38PM Reith “Wildkatze” from The In Kraut Vol. 2 on unknown — Germany
12:42PM Coralie Clement “Samba de mon couer qui bat” from Paris on Putumayo (USA)
12:46PM Kepa Junkera “Bok-Espok” from Bilbao 00:00h [Disc 1] on Resistancia — Spain-Basque Country
12:50PM Gipsy Kings “Aven Aven” from ROOTS (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Nonesuch — France
12:57PM Mariza “Mais Uma Lua (Fado Varela)” from Fado Tradicional (2010) on EMI Portugal — Portugal
01:00PM Tenores De Oniferi “Su Determinu” from Antologia della musica sarda (2011) on Blu Studio — Sardinia
01:05PM Evstratios Kalogeridou “Malevitziotikos Horos” from Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 2: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48 (World, 2006) on Yazoo Records — Crete
01:08PM Kristi Stassinopoulou “Tin Kardia M' Tin Klidomeni” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Greece on World Music Network — Greece
01:11PM Amsterdam Klezmer Band “Sadagora Hot Dub (Shantel Remix)” from gypsy groove (CD, Comp, World, 2007) on Putumayo (USA) — Netherlands
01:16PM Kocani Orkestar “Ciganka” from L' Orient Est Rouge (World, 1993) on Crammed Discs — Macedonia
01:22PM Boban Marković Orkestar “Mundo Cocek” from Boban I Marko (World, 2003) on Piranha — Serbia
01:26PM Yuri Yanakov “Belmont” from The Rough Guide to Music of the Balkans on World Music Network — Bulgaria
01:33PM Vangelis Vasiliouf “Pranvera” from Rough Guide to Music of the Balkan Gypsies on World Music Network — Albania
01:37PM Bratko Bibic “Sackamra” from Inventaire - Best of LabelUsines (World, 1999) on LabelUsines — Slovenia
01:43PM Ensemble Ferenc Sebo “Hungarian Verbunk” from La Hongrie : Musiques à danser (World, 1997) on Arion — Hungary
01:45PM Goran Bregovic & Kayah “To Nie Ptak” from Kayah & Bregovic (1999) on RCA Victor — Poland/Yugoslavia
01:50PM GORAN KARAN “Da Me Poljubis” from Dite Ljubavi (World, 2008) on Menart — Croatia
01:54PM “Jednou” from Romano Hip Hop (2006) on Indies Scope Records — Czech Republic
01:57PM The Sugarcubes “Coldsweat” from Life's Too Good (CD, Album, 1988) on Elektra (USA) — Iceland

New music from the Chieftains

This week on Global Grooves, I premiered a brand new track from The Chieftains. Off of their new release Voice of Ages, Paddy Maloney brought together all surviving members of the band to play on this epic track. Enjoy!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A video from Peruvian songtress Yma Sumac

Thanks to Zane Nostrworthy for introducing me to this artist at training the other day. Enjoy!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Playlist from 3/3/12

Global Grooves (Music) with DJ Brian 03/03/2012 11:00AM to 02:00PM
11:00AM Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha “In A Gadda Da Vida” from Re-Covers (Rock, 2005) on World Village — Tuvan band covering Iron Butterfly
11:05AM Kongar-ol Ondar “Tuva Groove (Bolur Daa-Bol, Bolbas Daa-Bol)” from Back Tuva Future (World) on Ellipsis Arts (USA) — Tuvan singer with Willie Nelson
11:10AM Midival Punditz “Dark Age” from Midival Punditz (World, 2002) on Six Degrees
11:17AM Bombay Talkie “Chargiye” from The Best of Bombay Talkie (World, 2010) on Bombay Talkie — This weeks Bollywood Matinee
11:23AM Asha Bhosle & Rahul Dev Barman “Ajar Baijan Ajar Baijan” from Together: Asha Bhosle & R D Burman (World, 2009) on Saregama
11:29AM Fun-Da-Mental “Ja Sha Taan” from Asian Travels, Vol. 1 (Traditional) on unknown
11:36AM Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “The Game” from Mustt Mustt (CD, Album, World, 1990) on Real World Records (unknown) — Sufi music from Pakistan
11:43AM Kiran Ahluwalia “Mustt Mustt (Redux) [feat. Tinariwen]” from Aam Zameen: Common Ground (World, 2011) on (RED) Avokado Artists Recordings — Canada/Mail-Featuring Tinariwen covering a classic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan tune
11:48AM Tinariwen “Chatma” from Amassakoul (CD, Album, World, 2003) on IRL — Global Grooves house band! Tuareg blues from Mali
11:56AM Issa Bagayogo “Sya” from Sya (World, 1999) on Six Degrees Travel Series
12:04PM Mamani Keita “Nani” from Voices of the World (2009) on Universal Music Classics & Jazz
12:08PM Toumani Diabaté's Symmetric Orchestra “Toumani” from Boulevard De l'Independance (MP3, Album, World, 2006) on World Circuit — Malian grooves
12:13PM Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba “Tabali Te” from Segu Blue (CD, Album, World, 2007) on outhere records (Denmark) — Mali
12:15PM Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba “Bassekou” from Segu Blue (CD, Album, World, 2007) on outhere records (Denmark)
12:18PM Amoya “Nweti” from 1975-1995 Independencia! on unknown
12:22PM Ali Hassan Kuban “Habibi” from Walk Like a Nubian (World, 1991) on Piranha — Nubia (Egypt)
12:27PM Erick Manana, Fenoamby, Justin Vali, Régis Gizavo & Dama “Tsy Miraharaha - On S'en Fiche !” from Madagascar All Stars (World, 2009) on cinq planètes — Madagascar
12:32PM Tarika “Ankoay” from Bibiango (World, 1994) on Green Linnet — Supergroup from Madagascar
12:37PM Vusi Mahlasela “Basimanyana” from Wisdom of Forgiveness (CD, Album, World, 1994) on RCA Victor — South Africa
12:40PM Sékouba Bambino “Famou” from African Party (CD, Comp, World, 2008) on Putumayo (USA)
12:46PM Geoffrey Oryema “Exile” from EXILE (CD, Album, World, 1990) on Virgin UK
12:49PM Kiran Ahluwalia “Yakeenan” from Wanderlust (World, 2007) on Four Quarters Records — Canada/India
12:54PM Mari Boine “Boadan” from Eight Seasons (CD, Album, Private, 2003) on Northside
01:02PM Jumping Sharks “the otherworld channel” from Desert Waves on unknown
01:05PM Fela Kuti “Power Show” from ORIGINAL SUFFERHEAD (World, 2010) on Fela Anikulapo-Kuti Estate Kft / OCTAVE
01:19PM Mulatu Astatke “Chifara” from Mulatu of Ethiopia (Jazz, 1972) on SFR
01:22PM Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mahi” from Dub Qawwali (World, 2007) on Tratore
01:30PM Yello “La Habanera” from One Second (Electronic, 1987) on Universal Music Domestic Pop
01:36PM Manuel Galban & Ry Cooder “Bolero Sonambulo” from Mambo Sinuendo (World, 2003) on Nonesuch/WBR
01:40PM Yma Sumac “k'arawi” from Inca Taqui (Original Album Plus Bonus Track) (2011) on Vocal Classics
01:43PM Music of the Navajo Indians “night chant” from primitive music on unknown
01:46PM Unknown “bambi saidi” from Latcho Drom on unknown
01:51PM Gato Barbieri “encuentros” from impulse artists on tour on IMPULSE
01:54PM Dilika “ngayishela yavuma” from homeland on unknown